What Gifts do people want?

Perhaps as little as a decade ago, when we talked about gift giving we almost universally thought of physical presents such as flowers, jewelry, gadgets and clothing. All that has changed dramatically with an increase in the popularity of giving “experiential” gifts. Especially true for today’s Millennial Generation (born between 1980 and 1998) and the so-called Generation “Z” (born after 1998) as both seem to have less interest in accumulating material items and instead prefer new experiences with lasting memories. These experiences might be done alone, such as skydiving. Or, they are shared with others as in a “date night” Escape Room Challenge or pool party cabana rental. In either situation, these experiences are meant to be consumed, or enjoyed, in the moment and then shared via social media channels.

What kinds of experiential adventures are available? One site that has been featuring experiential gifts is: www.cloud9living.com. This site lists several categories under which a giver can select a novel experience including: Adventure activities, Driving and Flying activities, Food and Drink experiences, Sports packages, Guided Tours, Scenic Tours and Cruises, Personal Care and Spa packages, etc. Experiential gifts can vary greatly according to your budget, time availability, and willingness to travel. Some examples are listed below.

  • Cooking Classes.
  • Home Brewing Kit.
  • Golf Lessons.
  • Museums Membership.
  • Urban Scavenger Hunt.
  • Aerial Yoga Class.
  • White water rafting adventure.
  • Mother-daughter stay-cation.
  • Trampoline place/lessons for two.
  • Wine tasting tour on bicycles

These are just a few of the opportunities available and there are many more ideas at many more sites. We, at Present-ly, take the time to do the virtual window shopping for you. We bring all the different ideas and sites into one convenient place for you to compare without having to go searching for what you didn’t know was already out there. There are many more ideas at sites such as https://www.purposegeneration.com/buzz/article/the-experiential-gift-guide-for-millennials

Present-ly is a mobile gift shopping app that collects personalized gift ideas for your friends, family and colleagues, all driven by your mobile calendar. Personalized gifts from Amazon, Etsy, Groupon and little and large unique online stores from around the world are delivered as options to choose from to your mobile device, along with relevant reminders to let you know there is a special occasion coming up. In addition to tangible gifts (those things you give in a box or basket), we are curating experiences to gift to your loved ones.

Kristen Tepper